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17 April 2007

Farewell, little Audrey 

I gasped when I read on my pal Melissa's blog that Audrey Santo of Worcester, Mass. died this past weekend. (Story here.)

Widely regarded as a "victim soul", I learned of "Little Audrey" when her mother, Linda, shared Audrey's story on Relevant Radio a year or so ago. I was so intrigued that I later jumped at the chance to view a film on her life, and it was so moving that I considered making a trek to visit her home one day.

While I'm glad that her passing was peaceful, I feel we're all a little poorer for it. (Though at least now she can more powerfully intercede for us all.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Audrey until yesterday when I saw her mentioned on someone else's site (can't remember which it was now). I know her sweet soul will be missed but we should praise God that she is now enjoying the Beatific Vision and as you said, can more powerfully intercede for us now! Praised be Jesus Christ!

20 April, 2007 11:22  

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