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30 May 2007

CFotD: Friar Cam! 

Two Cool Finds of the Day, in quick succession:

CFotD #1: I was browsin' around Catholics for the Common Good, which (gasp!) actually appears to be faithful to Church teaching (!!), when I stumbled 'pon this article and saw ...

CFotD #2: ... the first pic. Of a friar. With a TV camera. It's Friar Cam! How cool is that?! Dang, it's splendid to see a Franciscan friar -- and in full habit, no less -- taking part in a pro-life demonstration.

(While Friar Cam's been around for awhile on EWTN, we don't have cable (don't watch much TV and we're cheap), so it's the first I've heard o' it. An' I know you can watch their programming online, but we have dialup at home.)

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