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05 July 2011

It's Mass o'clock! 

Serendipity alert! Some nifty lil' bits led to my finding this delightful post, It's 5:00 Somewhere:

Bit the First:
While browsing around a spiffy Catholic bookstore with a pal this Saturday, I came across The New Revised Jesus, Mary, Joseph Novena Manual. Which I (of course) bought, being the prayer book junkie that I am. (And let's not even talk about holy cards, m'kay?)

Bit the Second:
Thanks to the booklet, not only did I learn about the Confraternity of the Precious Blood (publishers of said booklet), I also discovered the existence of the World Mass Clock, of which there's a bitty picture on page 17. While it's one thing to know, in a nebulous kinda' way, that Mass is being celebrated somehwere around the world, this image (and accompanying prayer) is a helpful heads-up. No, it doesn't provide a precise, "This-Is-EXACTLY-The-Time-When-Mass-Is-Celebrated!!" thingy, but it's a good visual aid, giving folks a basic timeframe for where Mass is being offered at any given time.

Bit the Third:
After wanting to use a larger image for daily reference, today I tweeted a question about where to find a good, World Mass Clock graphic. (Bonus points if the graphic was more current. For example, the one in the booklet lists Persia and Siam instead of Iran and Thailand.)

I got antsy, though, and shortly thereafter searched on "world mass clock" ... which brought me right to the It's 5:00 Somewhere post. Which linked to a nice, big World Mass Clock image. And the post itself just so happened to have been written today.


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