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10 August 2007

CFotD: Icon of Joseph's family 

Cool Find of the Day: It's not uncommon to see icons depicting Mary with her parents (traditionally named Joachim and Anne), and there are plenty of beautiful ones out there. But I've never seen one of Joseph with his parents ... until now.

I was absolutely floored and immensely delighted when I found this icon, "Family of Saint Joseph". Beautiful!

I've never ordered anything from outside the US, but I'm seriously considering getting it, along with one of Mary's family and the Holy Family itself. I rather like the idea of having the families of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus (the Holy Family), and I also like that it'd result in having three groups of three -- very Trinitarian!

I also adore these two depictions of Joseph here and here. And there are also some nice ones of Saints Francis and Clare ... :-)

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