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09 August 2007

CFotD: Painting of Mary's Coronation 

Cool Find of the Day: I did backflips when I unexpectedly stumbled 'pon this wonderful painting of Mary's Coronation, as it has Joseph watching! That's always how I picture this particular mystery of the Rosary, and it's one of my faves. Imagine how thrilled Joseph was to watch Mary's Coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth. His heart must've felt like bursting!

My other favorite mystery is the one just prior to the Coronation, Mary's Assumption. I see that as a big ole family reunion, not just with her and Jesus, but her, Jesus, and Joseph. The Holy Family reunited! Can you imagine the joy those Holy Spouses must've felt to be together again?

Anyhoodle, jes' had to share. :-)

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