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16 June 2006

On the road again 

I'm mentioning this here in the hopes that doing so will keep me motivated to continue ... I'm getting back into running, goshdarnitall!

A few years ago, Husband Mike and I were exercising regularly and in shape, and we both felt and looked great. Then I was hit by a series of back-to-back, Really Horrid Nasty Colds, which completely knocked me off my stride. (Huh; guess ya can take that literally.) And as is common in marriages, as one spouse goes, so goeth the other -- no more positive peer pressure resulted in Husband Mike's decline in exercise, too.

Now here we are, a few years later, more than a few pounds heavier, outta shape, and fed up with it all. You know things are pathetic when your wedding bands are tight. :-(

"Enough!" said us. We're takin' back our health, and I'm getting back into running. So, earlier this afternoon, off I went to dig out my poor, forlorn running shoes, who'd been patiently waiting in exile under the dresser.

Happy runnin' shoes -- they got used today!
Happy runnin' shoes -- they got used today!

I laced 'em up and headed outside for a brisk walk, in preparation for eventually running again. As much as I yearned to Just Start Running, there's no way I can do that right off the bat (as Husband Mike continually reminded me while I was getting dressed). Gotta get my ankles (stupid, stupid weak ankles!) and legs reconditioned, and lungs back up to capacity first. :::frustrated grumble:::

Once I got moving, I instantly remembered why I enjoyed running so much -- the sights, sounds, smells, working up a sweat, the satisfaction of hitting checkpoints earlier than my usual times, praying the 'Hail Mary' to the rhythm of my footfalls ... why in heck did I let myself get out of this wunnerful habit?! What a goober I've been.

So, I'm gonna check in daily with my pre-running/early-running conditioning. I'm makin' myself accountable! No more thinking, "I really should get out there for a run" -- I will get out there for a run! To start with, here's today's log:
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Activity: Brisk walking
  • Notes: Ankles got cranky after 15 minutes (no surprise there); wasn't able to really push as hard as I'd have liked as a result.
  • Weather: Sunny, mild, mid-80s (F)
I'll do this for 7 days, then begin a program of alternating walking/running. BTW, if you're looking for a handy online running log, I like the stuff at Cool Running. My log there isn't public (hmmm ... pondering whether to make it so), but I'll share bits from it here as I go. :-)

Iffin' y'all could spare a wee prayer for endurance and persistence, I'd greatly appreciate it.



Blogger Barb, sfo said...

Please do the same for me!
I'd been trying to do a daily early-morning walk, until my husband was away for a week & I couldn't get out. Looked forward to it this morning--because I'd been missing it--but I woke up with an asthma attack!
I told my older son about the running log, since he's planning to go out for cross-country this fall.

17 June, 2006 09:32  

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