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16 June 2006

Bunnies 'n' chickens 'n' herons 

My pal Missie sure has a knack for uncovering Insanely Cute And Fun Stuff On The Web! Thanks to her posts, I had the delight of reading about super-cute bunny beanbags (still swooning over the pictures) and laughing hysterically over this story of Helen, a hen Determined To Get Her Way.

Since I'm on the topic of animals ... While out walking this afternoon, I came upon a squawking-and-flapping battle between a heron (who drops in from time to time) and a momduck. Momduck succeeded in chasing the heron away, but I suspect he's the cause of some duck baby disappearances that Husband Mike and I have noted over the past weeks. A quick beak count of this brood (6 ducklings) showed everyone was present, so looks like momduck's efforts were successful. (Sad for the heron, but happy for the ducklings.)

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Blogger Mel said...

Wouldn't it be nice if I could get paid to read bloglines? (Thanks for introducing me to it by the way.)

16 June, 2006 21:12  

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