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14 June 2006

Random bits o' fun 'n' whimsey 

First up, Fr. Johansen's pictorial essay on his and Mark Shea's recent clay-pigeon-shooting fun is a hoot. (Set aside any food 'n' beverages before lookin'.) Especially liked the last picture of Father, titled "Fr. Rob Ready To Defend The Faith".

* * *

On a completely different note, reality shows are goin' to the ... cats. Yep, a new show's following 10 kitties in search of homes as they "spend the next 10 days in a New York store window, their every move caught on camera for a reality TV show on which they will compete for best sleeper and mouse-catcher. ... Kitties who get the boot will be adopted into permanent homes." (Reuters). The winner will, too, of course, but he or she will also get a job as "Feline Vice President of Research and Development" for Meow Mix. My fave so far is Sam ("who meows with a drawl"), but it's prolly 'cause he looks so much like our The B.

[An aside: Just 'cause Meow Mix is sponsoring this show doesn't mean their food is a good choice for yer cats. It ain't! See what really goes into most commercial pet food, and how to pick a good brand.]

* * *

Totally whimsical and oh-so-cute: Urban Fairies! I love the idea of huntin' around to find lil' fairy doors in unexpected places. Hee! (Thanks to my pal Missie for sharin' this.)

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Blogger Mel said...

Charlie loooves TV. Not usually cats, but we have left the set on to Animal Planet before heading out. I wonder if he'd like the new show?

14 June, 2006 19:56  

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