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07 June 2006

Why should the Dominicans have all the fun? :-p 

With all the splendid, dandy-fine blogs of Dominicans out there, we Franciscans can't have 'em hoggin' all the bloggin' fun, now can we? Of course not! So, in the name of Dominican-Franciscan Parity :-P , I'm adding my lil' voice to the small-but-hopefully-growing Franciscan presence in the blogosphere. :::tentatively waves hello:::

Who am I? I'm Lisa, a Secular Franciscan living the USA; I made my permanent Profession in May 2006. My husband, Mike, and I are lifelong cat lovers and share our home with some fabulous felines. In my day job (cats must be fed), I work as a software technical writer. Some random bits in no particular order: I serve on my parish's web site committee; make and give away knotted twine Rosaries; have a devotion to Joseph, Holy Husband of Our Blessed Lady and Virginal Father of Jesus; read voraciously; and love eating sushi and napping with the cats. (My motto: "A Nap Makes Everything Better".)

Back in 2002, I dipped my toe into the Web waters when I designed 'n' launched my first personal web site about cats. While I enjoyed that, it was ultimately a bit unsatisfying to limit myself to cat- and animal-related issues. So, after much ponderin', I figured I'd start this site. I'm leaning towards discontinuing the other one altogether (which is why I'm not linking to it), and mebbe I'll incorporate some of the cat stuff from there into here. (We'll see. Depends on how ambitious I feel.)

As for what you'll find here -- Franciscany things, cats, St. Joseph, book and article reviews, silly links I stumble 'pon ... pretty much whatever enters my noggin'. Y'know, Typical Blog Stuff, with a Franciscan flavor. And I figured it'd nice to gather up things I've shared elsewhere into one location so I can quickly find it all again. (Hey, I'm lazy and don't like hunting around for stuff.) I also like having my own little spot where I can be silly, cranky, reflective, whimsical, goofy, dyspeptic, etc., whenever the mood strikes me.

Anyhoo, thankee fer stoppin' by, and hope to see ya again soon!

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Blogger Bego said...

dylqyy//smashing a bottle of my finest Moet for the launch//

I look forward to reading it.

08 June, 2006 11:27  
Blogger Mel said...

I'm so glad you dropped by! Things have been a little weird lately, and I've lost touch, and I'm so sorry! I'm subscribing now...

09 June, 2006 14:28  

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