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14 June 2006

Web Site: 

Just came across, where you can "Search for articles from Catholic blogs, or browse the directory of Catholic blogs and RSS/Atom feeds. Hundreds of articles added daily." I have no clue how ya can get a site added to their search and just sent 'em an email asking about that. (I did poke around first!) Hope they'll send a reply, since I'd obviously like to add mine. ;-)

So, anyhoo, I played around there a bit and did a search for "secular franciscan" -- am clickin' through some of the results now. While I do like that you can save your search as an RSS feed, it doesn't seem to actually work, 'cause when I tried to view the feed itself -- no entries were in it.

Update: Spiffy! I got a quick and friendly reply from Tim at yesterday, and while I still don't know how sites get added to their search, he said they added mine! w00t! He also noted that the problem I had with saving searches to RSS feeds has been fixed, and it looks like it's workin'! :-)



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