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26 November 2011

Plumbing font cams 

ThankfulAaaand we're in the home stretch of a week's worth of Thankful Thursdays!

Thankful (Thurs)DAY #6:

Today, the 3 things I'm thankful for are:

1) Indoor plumbing, with hot water. OK, so mebbe that technically counts as two, but whatever. :-P I love how, no matter the time of day, I can step into the shower and summon a steady stream of (clean!) warm water. And it all tidily disappears down the drain! No lugging stuff from a stream, no building a fire over which to boil the water ... just turn a knob, and bam! Toasty warm watery goodness. Bonus: No icky parasites.

If you're also glad to have access to clean, safe water and want to ensure others do, too, check out DigDeep.

2) The vast profusion of fonts available online. Tons of which are free! Pretty fonts, scary fonts, heart-riddled fonts, Star Wars fonts, fonts that look like leaves ... and that's not even counting dingbats! I tell ya, fontophiles never had it so good. And no, I will not say how many I currently have installed. That's a rude question. :-P

3) Nature cams. Having a crummy day and feel like nothing can lift your mood? Try tuning in to one of the oodles of nature cams and see how long you can keep from grinning. :-D You can watch whooping cranes migrate, nature from critters' point of view, elephants strolling around their sanctuary, and owls in their nests, just to name a teeny-tiny amount.

Your turn! What 3 things are you thankful for today? :-D

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Blogger Angela Pea said...

Okay..."plumbing cams" caught my attention today. But only because I've spent the past several weeks reviewing videos of the insides of really big sewer lines. Yes, a camera on a raft can be floated downstream inside a sewer line, so that we, the engineers, can evaluate the condition of the pipe. I love my job.

28 November, 2011 17:30  

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