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23 November 2011

Cats typing quotes 

'You have to help those around you, daily, to behave with gratitude for their being sons of God. If you don't, don't tell me you are grateful.' St. Josemaría Escrivá

Oyez, oyez, oyez! It's time to get yer gratitude on with ...

Thankful (Thurs)DAY #3

Today, the 3 things I'm thankful for are:

1) Life with cats. Even when they're walking all over us in the morning because "ZOMG I'm wasting away from hunger and if I'm not fed right now I'll expire so get up and get out the noms and WHY ARE YOU STILL LYING THERE?!", life with kittehs is sweet. And good for you. I mean, really, how can you look at a scene like this and not have your blood pressure go down?

The B =^..^=. FDA-approved to lower blood pressure since 2001.

2) Quotes from the saints. No matter the situation or topic, there are, oh, a bajillion* o' these babies that we can turn to for humor, meditation, inspiration, prayer, instruction, illumination, and just a plain ol' arse-kickin' (see the top graphic for a great example o' that). And thanks to calendars, daily planners, holy cards, anthologies, smart phone apps, Facebook pages, you name it, those quotes are easily available and save-able. For example, in my cube at work, I'm surrounded by the following:

Weekly quote for 20-26 November in my planner:
"Give praise to the Creator for all that you find beautiful: the earth, the sea, the sky, the springs and the rivers. See with your bodily eyes the light that shines on earth, but embrace with your whole soul and all your affections the true light, Our Lord Jesus Christ." Pope St. Leo the Great.

Randomly-picked quote from my Franciscan quote-a-day flip calendar:
"God, and only God, is infinite, most wise, most holy, a most loving Lord, our father and creator, our beginning and end, our wisdom, power and love -- God is our all." St. Maximilian Kolbe

On a teeny tau-shaped plaque hanging on my cube wall:
The blessing of St. Francis to Brother Leo.

On a slip of paper taped to my primary computer monitor:
"Let us begin again, for until now we have done nothing." St. Francis

On a slightly bigger piece of paper stuck to an overhead storage shelf:
"There is nothing which edifies others so much as charity and kindness, by which, as by the oil in our lamp, the flame of good example is kept alive." St. Francis de Sales

3) That typing class I took in high school. No question, that was the most useful class I took, enabling me to crank out short stories, college papers, articles, press releases, annual reports, letters, design specs, user documentation, this blog post ... I prolly spend more time each day clickin' away on a keyboard** than anything else. And that one class made it all possible.

Your turn! What 3 things are you thankful for today? :-D

- - - - -
* Actual technical term. :-P

** For my job as a paragraph farmer. Gotta keep the kittehs in kibble.

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