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10 July 2007

Good commentary on "Summorum Pontificum" 

Lots of great commentary out there on Summorum Pontificum, in which the Pope broadens the use of 1962 Roman Missal! (Unoffical English translation; official translation pending.) Of all the good stuff, the following two are my faves (so far).

First, author and blogger Amy Welborn has this great tip sheet on what the Summorum Pontificum does and does NOT say. Because, of course, the mainstream media always majorly mucks this stuff up, and their coverage this time is no exception.

Second is Phil Lawler's splendid analysis of the Summorum Pontificum. His explanation that "there are not two different rites, but two different forms of the Roman rite: the ordinary form, according to the current Roman Missal, and the extraordinary form, which uses the Missal that was in universal use prior to the liturgical changes that followed the Second Vatican Council" is particularly helpful. (B16's writing is pretty clear on this point, but Lawler's wording makes it especially so.)

Also: "In the long term, one suspects, the Pope sees a convergence of the two forms, bringing about the true organic reform of the liturgy that Vatican II envisioned."

And Lawler's observation on the current tension between those preferring different forms of the rite is spot-on:

"To be fair one must acknowledge that although many bishops have shown themselves unfriendly toward tradition-minded Catholics-- despite the pleas of John Paul II in Ecclesia Dei -- some traditionalists have been every bit as unfriendly in their attitude toward their bishops. Some traditionalists pounce on any opportunity to criticize the new liturgy, and a few -- a minority, certainly, but a very outspoken and divisive minority -- question whether the Novus Ordo liturgy is valid. The response to Summorum Pontificum in traditionalist circles will be another key test. If the motu proprio is warmly welcomed, that positive response might encourage bishops toward a generous implementation; if traditionalists fall into a pattern of carping criticism, bishops will feel that their hostility is justified."

Frankly, I've always found it jarring in the blogosphere (and in live conversation) when folks hurl around the terms "Novus Ordo" and "TLM" like hand grenades. Way too often, both terms have devolved into bitter "us-versus-them" connotations (I swear, with some folks, you can practically see the disdain when they write "Novus Ordo" or "TLM"), and that's just plain wrong.

I sincerely hope that with the allowances made for both forms of the Roman rite, we begin to see the unity and healing B16's trying to bring about.

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Blogger Brother Charles said...

Thanks for the tips, Lisa, especially the Lawler part and the reminder that we should read the signs of these times in light of Benedict's desire for unity. That hadn't crossed my mind yet, but it's a big help. God bless!

11 July, 2007 07:40  

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