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15 August 2019

No, I haven't died ... 

... I've just been neglecting this dinky blog.

When I created it in 2006, I quickly threw things together using a simple template and bare minimum of features, fully intending to circle back and spiff it up with things like a search feature, back/forward navigation, full tag browsing, and a cleaner, responsive template. Clearly, I haven't done any of that.

Then there's the added fun of all my embedded posts from the now-defunct Google+ that are no longer visible, resulting in scads of mystery pages. Yay.

Will I ever show this blog some love? Honestly don't know. We'll see. Until then, please accept my apologies for all the aforementioned clinkers.

And if you'd like to interact socially, I'm most active on Instagram and MeWe.

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