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23 August 2018

It's Thankful Thursday! (Special stylebook dinner edition) 

It's #ThankfulThursday! What 3 things (minimum!) are you thankful for today? Mine are: . 1) Amid the scary flooding ?? in Madison and Gov. Walker declaring a state of emergency for our county (Dane), we're safe, dry, and have power. . 2) Being able to find and play with fun stickers like this in photo/pic apps for simple, bright cheer. ?? . 3) Pals who unfailingly and graciously share career-related coaching. . 4) While it's not the swankiest or sporting the fullest set of features, Microsoft's OneNote is damned handy. . 5) The shot of joy I get from editing. Yeah, it's geeky and kind of weird, but I do love it. . 6) Related to #5, I adore the online @apstylebook, especially with it including relevant Ask the Editor sections in search results. . 7) Being able to pop out for dinner when we're too tired or unmotivated to make it ourselves. . #gratitude #thankfulness

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