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10 September 2008

It's not a "single issue", it's a foundational one 

Thanks to my pal, Deacon John, for the heads-up on this splendid web site,, which features the following powerful and hitting-the-nail-on-the-head video:

Catholic Vote 2008

Along these lines, I've never been interested in buying campaign paraphernalia, but this one is darn good:

Unborn Babies for Mcain/Palin T-shirt; click for more info

For a more in-depth explanation of Church teaching and non-negotiable issues when voting, check out the Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics.

(And no, Husband Mike and I are not Democrats nor Republicans. We're Catholic, and as such, are Politically Homeless.)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Great Job Lisa! Just keep telling the truth it follows last weeks gospel reading. and what you pray for in earnest will be granted by the father.

11 September, 2008 00:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"politically homeless" that's a good one.

12 September, 2008 05:53  

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